Macro Monday 125 and Gratituesday 114

Now so as we were out buying for Wonderland yesterday we missed Macro Monday! fear not, we have Gratituesday and Macro Monday together! One time only! So grab a cuppa (or glass of wine) and enjoy!

Macro Monday

 Cat shaming always.

 Love this.

 Girl Power


 We all do it.

 I'd go a on date.

 Love this.

We love Kanye, you love Kanye, but Kanya loves Kanye the most. 


 All the barbies!

Great Advice

The look of love.


 Go on hug someone!

These nails!

Little Things...

Coffee dates with various lattes Dog walking Crunchy leaves forming Charity work Funny texts The art of the phonecall Em: 'Where did that flamingo come from?' Pixie: 'Where did it go?' Emily: 'Where did it come from cotton eyed Joe' Making plans and dreaming BIG Taking the high road Being proud of how far you have come Having an amazing business partner Finding the perfect gift Sending postcards (old schooooollll) Being mama to my Mr Jones Raspberry yoghurt Candle love Veggie crisps SLIPPERS OF AWESOMENESS Actually looking forward to Winter Laughing, and meaning it Genuine Smiles

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