Songs To Lift Your Wednesday!

I had heard people talk about 'hump day' and actually thought it was a naughty day! haha What I didn't realise is that it is usually supplemented by phrases like “the turning point,” and “the first glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.”
Wednesday has therefore developed a nice little narrative that makes “you’re kinda/sorta almost there!” So if you're a at work, or struggling this week I have put together a little playlist for you. Turn it up loud and power through with these bits of musical joy:

Jon Bellion – Ungrateful Eyes

I first heard of this guy when he did a cover of a Drake song, and this is just as awesome.

Mighty Mike – Land Down Under Vs. Midnight City

Perfect mashup is perfect

Foxes – Youth

If you haven't gotton into foxes yet, then you need to.

Eric Prydz – Call On Me

If you’re stuck at work late, it’s never a terrible idea to have a dance party in them headphones.

Madison Beer – Melodies


MGMT – Cool Song No. 2

Really cool track.

Sum 41 – In Too Deep

This always takes me back to my sixth form days.

Cartel - Wonder Wall Cover 

Great original but I prefer this cover.

Chiddy Bang – Opposite of Adults

Crank it up!

Dylan Owen – The Window Seat

Give it a try, seriously.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumper

This NEVER fails to get me going!

 What's on your pump you up list?


  1. Just followed your blog and I literally love it and of course I love the theme it looks amazing tehe. This playlist is literally perfect and in too deep is definitely one of my favourites :)

    1. so do you, followed back you have amazing style!!

  2. You have the cutest blog header! How can you feel down when listening to Tumthumping haha - TUNE! xx

    Gemma |


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