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So, I’ve been a fan of ARK for a long time and whenever I want to look online for a new outfit this is one of the first sites I click to. I recently read into the company’s history and came across some really interesting and fun details on how it all started out, which gives them a innovative and exciting approach to clothes design!

ARK started out in the 90’s rave scene. YES you read correctly! The three owners originally opened their first shop over 20 years ago in the Leeds Corn Exchange originally to sell tickets for raves. As they started to make merchandise for their iconic club nights they also quickly became part of the Leeds fashion scene.

As the company grew they began to stock more and more hard to find under ground brands and created their own clothing lines too with Cloak menswear and Hearts and Bows for women. Along with their in house designed brands they also continue to bring us Fred Perry, Carhartt, Cheap Monday, Motel, Ginger Fizz, The Ragged Priest and more!

Not only do ARK make sure they’re the first to bring us the biggest trends and new upcoming labels on the high street, they also work as hard as they can to make sure their team really pay attention to the customers whether it be in store or online. So if we feel we need guidance on styling or getting general ideas they are always happy to help!

Okay so here’s the fun bit. I was lucky enough to have a go at doing some styling myself with their stunning Hearts and Bows collection. The collection is so diverse this made me spoilt for choice on what looks to try out.

Firstly here's my Hearts and Bows Chakra Tartan Dress
Isn’t it adorable?!
I love how this can have minimal effort to be styled up. If your off out for the day and need something simple and feminine to throw on this is perfect!

Here I’m wearing my oversized vintage faux fur coat-source unknown,
Thick black tights and oxblood docs. This is one of my most favourite outfits at the moment for day and evening wear.

Second outfit is my Mulan embroidered dress styled with the Morta velvet kimono. Both also from the Hearts and Bows collection.


Again this outfit can be easily dressed up or down. Its a simple shift dress with folk inspired embroidery around the neckline to give it a slight statement, and this well made velvet kimono gives it that little bit of extra class. Personally I’d wear this for a day of work at Wonderland HQ or to go for a meal with a few cocktails!

For those of you who know me you’ll know I love my crystal jewellery! So I couldn't resist putting more than enough on to play about with this outfit.

Wrapped quartz choker on vegan friendly cord both from Luminoire
Citrine and Moon shield rings from Luminoire
Clear Quartz ring from Empty Casket
Callisto Moonstone ring from Lost At Sea Jewellery
Large blue shield ring from Urban Angel

Be sure to check out more of the collection, and to learn more about Ark or to get shopping you can find their social media links below! 


  1. I love your checked dress !
    Katerina from


  2. Wow I love both outfits!! So gorgeous! ;)

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  3. That velvet kimono is so pretty! What a unique piece to have in your wardrobe!

    Jennifer Ashley

  4. love the dress!

  5. I adore the outfits, oh my gosh! You're a babe.

  6. you look very lovely and cool at the same time! x

  7. OMG! I love your style, you look so perfect. Now I follow u on blogspot and bloglovin <3


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