Keeping Your Eyebrows In Check!

Oh eyebrows! how strong is your eyebrow game? Now to be honest I always get mine threaded, I would be deadly if I had to do them myself. However here are our tips on keeping them in check in the interim! 

Eyebrows can make your face, as they frame and enlarge your eye. A bit of shaping can change the way you look. They can hide your flaws, and enhance your beauty spots. 

The beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with the inner corner of the eye, and should end just beyond the eye. A perfect arch. The greater the distance between the two eyebrows the wider your nose will look. 

Tweeze hairs on nose bridge (if any) immediately, too unsightly.

Remove hairs that are obviously outside the natural shape. 

When tweezing, remove a few hairs from one eye, then alternate to other brow.  Yo Yo back and forth. This eliminates over-tweezing and helps achieve a more balanced look. 

Pluck from under arch up. Never destroy top natural arch of brow, as this will cause chaotic regrowth. If a few hairs are missing, draw in each hair using a light feather touch stroke. Begin at bottom and draw upward following hair direction. 

To keep brow hairs swept up, deposit damp soap on eyebrow brush or spray hairspray on eyebrow brush and brush through eyebrows. If no eyebrow brush is to hand a toothbrush (sans toothpaste) is equally effective. The finishing touch: coat eyebrows with clear mascara which holds it all in place. 

What are your eyebrow tips?


  1. Love this post, I always get mine threaded every few weeks to keep them in check. If i'm having a bad eyebrow day I'll put a tiny bit of Vaseline on them to keep them in place!


  2. I usually use hair gel to keep the hairs in place :)

  3. Wow these are perfect tips! Great post ;)

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  4. i hate how high maintenance eye brows are! I'm always after stronger eyebrow game! x

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog darling! I've gone through such an eyebrow journey but I'm finally at a good place with them! xx

    1. such a good feeling when that happens!


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