Help Me! I'm Poor

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OH DEAR. WOE IS YOU, WOE IS ME. There are times in our lives where we all fall short, possibly through fault of our own, but possibly not - you are officially poor, flat broke. Now this where as much as you might want to bury your head in the sand, it's the time to get your organised hat on and get your financial organisation into play. If you are aware that tough times are coming, then be aware and prepare, if it's just crept up on you? Here are my tips for dealing with it. 

List (as horrible and terrifying as it can be) all your expense - this includes going out, bills, shopping, travel etc etc. Then lsit all your incoming funds - do they tally? are you in profit? do you need a second job? One thing I am always wary of is direct debits - they are great and useful. However do the colour blind rabbits in Tibet really need £50 a month from you currently? This is a great budget guide!

Is there anyone you could borrow money from? (HEY MUM!) Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Are there any favours you can call in? boyfriend? family? friends? Or do you really need all those clothes hanging in your closet with the tags on? Ebay can be your friend when in real need, or depop. 

Stay in, and cut down on meals out, transport, taxis, and international calls on your mobile. Get friends to take pity on you and take you out - this will also shed light on who your real friends are. Also try and eat at friends houses, dates etc as much as possible! READ more, honestly staying in (especially this time of year) is lovely with a big mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Libraries are FREE - we often forget they even exist! 

If you have to make purchases, make shopping trips budget friendly. Shopping is fun and makes you feel good - but don't make matters worse. Set yourself a budget, for example the perfect LBD for just £15 - make it a challenge! Sales, and places such as Primark can be genius in these times! 

Get creative in the kitchen! This link gives great cheap meals, and you would be surpised how much you can make from your cupboards. Jacket potatoes with a tin you found in the back? dash of mustard to baked beans? honestly you will be amazed!

Finally no matter how bad it seems, there is a way out! Open the red letters, phone the bank - more often than not they will be happy to help and you will feel SO much better getting it out in the open! 

Do you have any money saving tips?

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