How To Deal With A Shit Week.

Sometimes we have those weeks that REALLY, REALLY suck. You know the ones I mean, where nothing goes right? Literally nothing. This past week, I have had one of those weeks, and as try as I might I cannot wait for it to be over. 

 Yesterday I cracked the screen of my phone for the 3rd time in so many months, I noticed a stain on my very expensive bag, a stock order is very late - and so is another which adds to stress which does not help the week! I decided to cheer myself up with a Vanilla Latte which I proceeded to pour all over myself, and men, well they generally just suck but my week was shit already. While these events may not seem very significant or even that bad, they have made for an absolutely miserable week in the life of this melodramatic adult. 

 (How I want to react)

Usually, if this string of events were to happen, I'd react with the typical quick fix: mope and whine and make angsty tweets about my misfortune. This approach, while cathartic, is not a very healthy way to deal with the effects of a bad week. So this time, I have not let my unhappiness get the better of me, and I have come up with three key ways to keep your cool.

 1) Gratitude. If you stop for a moment and force yourself to feel genuinely thankful for everything you DO have in your life, the small problems will seem even smaller. A great example of this is Gratituesday!

2) Unwind. Now this is where I want a large Gin and Tonic and a comedy film. But as I am abstaining from alcohol for the time being, this ends up being crisps and full fat coke! 

3) Laugh at yourself. I mean, it just gets comical eventually. You trip and fall on your face, realise you emailed your mailing list about that bad date and not just your best friend, spill all of your lunch on the ground, work super hard for no return.. After a certain point, it seems like you're starring in a remake of "Just My Luck," except Chris Pine isn't your boyfriend. 

The bottom line is that we all have bad days. There is always a day where everything goes completely against your will, and you can't help it. But we all have good days as well. What makes the biggest difference is staying level-headed and keeping perspective, so that you don't lose sight of those good days that already happened and the ones that are to come. I'll end with a quote from the wise Lemony Snicket, who wrote, "At times, the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough." So look hard!


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