Fashion Friday - Get Your Creep On!

Firstly I asked the owner of The Creep Store to give me a written piece about herself and oh my god I love this clothing company even more after reading this!

"Started in February 2014, but it's the product of two years of planning!
The collective is based on the idea of making really fun, different cult fashion pieces. The whole basis of it's name comes from the fact that I was the weird creepy girl at school who obsessed over really obscure art, cut up all my clothes and pinned them together with safety pins and thought that stacked eyeshadows upto my eyebrows was totally fine.
And to an extent, I totally believe that everyone has a little bit of weird, we all go through that phase, so this is a celebration of that!

At the moment, the whole thing is run by myself and my cat. Although its slowly expanding to include a bunch of amazing creatives from local stylists to photographers, to really help further the whole brand and maintain it's "independent collective" spirit. I work with an amazing friend who helps me design the pattern pieces and from there I cut, sew, embroider, package and send everything from my little studio. The whole handmade aspect is really integral to the company, so 99% of the things you can buy have been handmade, from the labels to the appliqu├ęs.

A lot of inspiration for collections are drawn from past experiences whether that's from spending time in Japan with Lolita's, to being a total punk in Camden. I'm a huge supporter of women empowering other women, especially in this industry. So I think the fashion inspo's for TCS range from artists such as Bei Badgirl and Aya Takano to riot grrrl icons such as Kathleen Hanna.We listen to A LOT of music in the studio, basically anyone from Mos Def to Goat. So that inspires a lot of what we do too. Plus we're kind of obsessed with movie girl gangs, so obviously we we've watched Clueless and Mean Girls til the DVD has broken, but we've got framed photos of Winona Ryder in Heathers, Momoko & Ichiko from Kamikaze Girls, and Fairuza Balk in The Craft, all hanging on the wall!”

What I LOVE about TCS is there’s no holding back. I’m a strong believer in self expression. To hear anyone say ‘Oh I’d love to wear that but it wouldn’t suit me’ is a real shame. NO! I never ever say that, I see something I like I wear it. If people stare at you embrace it! Embrace individuality, embrace your own style, and don’t pay attention to those who give you negative vibes because I bet they’re secretly thinking “I wish I had the balls to wear that”.

This clothing company do what they like and follow no rules. These clothes are so diverse the options on how to style them can be as basic or fun as you like and you’ll still be turning heads however you like mix and match!

This Cult Gal battle jacket is definitely one of my most favourite items on TCS site!

I had a little play about styling it with clothes I already owned and pretty much 80% of my wardrobe went with this jacket, but I just put the three outfits together for now. Any others I put together in the future will be posted on all of mine and wonderland clothing social media for you!
I styled each outfit with my white platform trainers as a lot of you have been asking me what to wear them with. I personally think you can wear them with pretty much anything!

First outfit:
Black tshirt crop top from Missguided
Black PVC skirt from ASOS
White platform heels from YRU

Second outfit:
Flamingo Sun dress in Petite from ASOS
White platform heels from YRU

Third Outfit
Oversized “Home is where the bra isn’t tshirt from Shopjeen
Shorts cut up mum jeans from vintage shop unknown.
White platform heels from YRU
Bed Throw: Wonderland Clothing

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