Gratituesday 117 - Cosy Nights and Big Plans

Another week down, how are we all? It's been a more quiet week at Wonderland HQ and Autumn is well and truly settling in - clocks go forward this week don't they? Time for nights in, fireworks, Christmas markets, Halloween etc! I do love this time of year! So lets get our gratitude on shall we?

 Fluffy pens, I think a fluffy pen makes everyone’s desk better!

 Fresh flowers - amazing for any office space or bedroom!


 Statement Bracelets

 OH Marshall.

Sparkly Sloth!

 Really hope Amanda gets the help she needs, but this is actually so true.

Yes - you! 

 This is genius!

 I find this hilarious.

I adore these

Little Things...

  Getting very over excited at the idea of sandwich choices Doing a work out with Mama B - HILARIOUS Finding kindered spirits Emailing other small business owners - HEY NATASHA! and sharing tricks and tips Lovely customers Learning constantly Getting very excited over new stock coming in Planning lunch dates with creative beauties to plot new adventures Emailing people in the office silly pictures when you are sat next to each other Making cheesy playlists chats in the post office Pixie's new Tattoos cute emails cutting out negative people sunday lunches out Autumn sunshine Best friends (always) Stalking pretty boys online 'fry me a river' Hairspiration! 

 What is making you dizzy with excitement and ecstatic with joy?


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