Why It's Time To Grow Up!

At some point in our lives we have to get our shit together. It's not a fun thing to have to do, and it's scary and well, yea. But as we get older things change, we have more responsibilities, we have to take of ourselves better (and others!) but when do we have to do this? and why?

You’re going to look old as shit in a few years if you don’t get it together. Excessive drinking and little sleep means you’re going to be channeling Mikey Rouke very soon. It’s cute to look like shit when you’re 24 because if you just put a little bit of effort in, you can make yourself cute again. “Wow, there’s youthful and fresh skin underneath all of this grime. Who knew?” That changes as you get older. Every line, every life scar starts to stick like glue and hangovers really start to show. 

Things start to get serious, and that makes them scary. You have to start thinking about mortgages, or finding somewhere permanent to settle, you might have or be thinking about children, and what about when you retire? As you grow up, the thought of your future starts to really dawn on you. What happens if you lose your job? do you have a back up plan? what if your car suddenly needs replacing? It's good to start saving as soon as possible, it's also good to think about pensions  - start early! 

There’s always this fear that you’ll be the last person at the party. You’ll be the person urging people to do shots when they’re like “um, no. I have to get up at six in the morning.” Don’t be That person. Become the person  who’s afraid of that person. Once you understand that you don’t have to get wasted, sleep with a random, and throw up to have a successful Friday night, you can actually get the good kind of drunk and have the good kind of fun. When people had Walks of Shame at Uni, they were actually secretly happy about it. Shaming was seen as a good thing. “Wait, you hooked up with three guys, took E, and don’t know how you got home? Ugh, I’m so jealous. I wish I had gone out with you guys.” Not when you get older, then it's just kind of well, trashy. 

 You can have a real relationship with someone. Your mind can handle it. “Why aren’t we fighting every second and having mind-blowing hate sex? Oh right, because I actually like them. Weird.” When you’re younger, you equate love with mind games, manipulation, and experiencing insane highs and lows. It makes sense because that’s where your head is at when you’re young. I mean, how can you love someone for real when you’re batshit insane? Growing up, however, means letting good people into your life and letting healthy relationships happen. This can be the same with friendships, you can attract better friendships. Your party friends probably don’t give a shit about you. Have you ever seen them in the daylight? They’re not the people you call when stuff gets real anyway. They’re the people you call when you want to avoid everything that’s real. You want to have a fake time? Call your fake friends. 

You’ll be happier. You won’t cry over something as silly as an ignored phone call, won’t walk around feeling like you could break at any moment. When you grow up, things are more steady. No more extremes. Things are just good. You can grow up anytime you want. You can do it at 20, 25, or 40. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age. Growing up just means deleting things and people who are bad for you. It means taking care of business, taking care of yourself, and not repeating the same mistakes. Everyone has their own growing up to do. It does not mean you have to drink Earl Grey every night, get a cat and be in bed by 11. Jesus, that would suck. It's really just about being 'you'. 

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