Get Out Of The House And Spend Nothing!

Sometimes we really need to save some money, or we just don't have any money! so what do you do? well you spend nothing! this doesn't mean you can't have fun, and it might sound clich├ęd but there are many a fun and entertaining thing you can do without spending a penny! Here are our favourite things to do that are totally and utterly free! 

Climb to the top of a hill, and take in the view. 

Paddle in the sea and build sandcastles. 

Play Pooh Sticks.

Watch the clouds change, and make shapes. 

As long as you're not scared, watch a spider weave a web. 

Feel the wind blow in your hair. 

Kick leaves, hunt for conkers, build a snowman. Do something weather related! 

Visit galleries or museums. 

Enjoy a live music concert, courtesy of buskers! 

Laugh until your stomach hurts! 

Do you have any tips for doing something fun for free?


  1. Loved reading this! The best days are just full of laughs <3 xoxo


  2. such a great post! awesome tips. Sometimes people forget that shopping isn't the only past time available!


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