How To Put in Contact Lenses!

I am lucky to have 20/20 vision however it's always fun to change it up from time though, so using contact lenses for fashion can be fun! However having no experience with them, I thought I would share my tips for putting them in! I have used soft lenses in the past, as I think they are an easier and more comfortable option to use when inserting them. So my experience is from soft lenses, my experiences are also MINE (ALL MINE!) meaning I am not an expert, so please check with a professional if you're having problems!

1. Wash, rinse and dry hands thoroughly. 

2. Learn and perfect a routine, then stick to it. Always insert and apply in the same order to prevent confusion, or skipping a vital part of the ritual. 

3. Pour the lens from container, with the storage fluid into the palm. 

4. Using the mirror, examine the eyes for any debris, tears or excessive watering before insertion. Also check lens in intact, and not chipped or buckled. Do not insert if lens is damaged. 

5. Is the lens the right side up? Sounds obvious, but this is like putting the shoe on the wrong foot, so it's worth checking. While it isn't dangerous if you do end up wearing it inside out it will be a bit uncomfortable and will be harder to get out.  So, to check it's the right side up, place the lens on your forefinger or your thumb, whichever is steadiest. The lens should have a bowl shape. If it's inside out the edges will bow out, if it's the right way up it will sit like a little hat on your fingertip. To turn it the right way round simply pop it back in the solution and fish it out the other way.

Once you're a real pro you'll be able to open the case and position your index finger on the lens to remove. Place the lens in your eye using the thumb of the same hand holding lens to bottom lid down, whilst index finger of opposite hand is pulling upper lid up. Sound mental? it does get easier! 

6. The actual insertion. Until now it's been all talk: 
a) Hold the upper eyelid open to stop it blinking shut, which will be it's involuntary action.
b) Use the thumb to pull the lower eyelid down.
c) Look upwards at the ceiling and with your finger place the lens onto the white part of the eye. (With practice you will pop it in to the centre) It will wiggle the lens naturally into a wink of an eye, literally, into the right position. 
d) Try NOT to panic, squirm or do any sudden movement - it will prolong the procedure. 
e) Remove the finger - well obviously! Try not to blink. Allow the lens to fix into position by looking down. Allow it to find the correct place. 

7. Relax and close eye for a moment, and when you open them all should be well!

8. If the eyes feel dry, use one or two optical drops. 

Now the other eye! 

Do you ever play with contact lenses and colours? or is it an already everyday thing for you?


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