Macro Monday 121

Oh hey it's Monday, so get your fill of funny with some Macros, Memes and Gifs!

 Infomercials never stop being funny

This pug does it two at a time.


First world problems.

This cat has the power.

Switching faces is one of my favourite things.

 You never know where a horse might be.

Pretty much me. 

 I am carrot.

 How we flirt.

I find this too funny.

Kanye don't care.


Have a fab week guys!


  1. Haha i love this! Definitely needed them to brighten my monday :) <3

  2. LOL! This is such a brilliant way to start Mondays!

    You might as well like my new blog post: Outfit: Refined Rocker

    Lil Miss Bianca


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