Gratituesday 112

We have been lacking in the gratitude department of late, so here we are back with a bang!

 This lizard has a hat on, and is eating an ice cream!

He is so happy!

Still loving these shoes.

 This gif!


This mug. 

Sassy walking

Cats in retro glasses.

This art! 

Little Things...

Healthy living Deciding to go T-Total until Christmas (so far great decision!) Wonderland Mondays (new favourite part of the week!) x rated videos (not that bad but nipple slips in Wonderland Videos (we can't share!) that make us laugh and laugh big mugs of coffee cute boys that add you on facebook with funny messages Wonderland going from strength to strength Big salad bowls planning and buying winter stock cute emails long sleeps early mornings friends who always have your back cute texts my best friends (yesterday, tomorrow, always) waking up feeling positive and full of optimism!

What is on your list this week gorgeous girls? (boys!)


  1. Aww cute photos!! I especially love the 2nd one, i have big weakness for doggies that cute! :)

  2. looove the sassy walk gif!

    from helen at

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