Gratituesday 114

Been a busy week over here at Wonderland HQ, next Monday me and Pixie are off to a huge trade fair (best bit of the job!) and for a nice girly lunch! Then it's September (where is this year going?) anyway here is what we are grateful for this week, do let us know what you are!

 Furby at a train station just where is he going?

I love these.

Photos like this are just wow.

Don't know about him, but I want to be immersed in those flowers.

You cannot beat having fresh flowers in your home/office

Do love some 'Sharkasm'

 Well it's never too early!

Love the sea side, and shells.

Little Things....

Reconnecting with old friends - Katie and Kelly I am looking at you! WHAT SHE ORDER? texts from Pixie (Kanye References) Big mugs of coffee (what’s new) Home made apple and cinnamon tarts new stock days plans researching health spas LA trips to see my darlings New crushes Finding perfect lip balms decoding boy behaviour  

Alright my darling. Your turn! If you were at a fabulous dinner party right now, what would you toast to?


  1. Beautiful photos :) both inspiring and makes people's day ;) I could relate to the last one since I love my dogs so much and they make my day :)

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    1. same here, dogs make everything better!


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