Gratituesday 113

Well, what a week! first and foremost we are grateful to be loved, alive and surrounded by amazing people (The death of Robin Williams hit us HARD!) So please be grateful for all the blessings you have, and be grateful for laughter because it's honestly what keeps us going half the time!. Anway, here is our list of thanks, what about you?

SOO Cute!

Sums us up!


 If we were a dinosaur...

 Bacon, always.

How cute is this mouse?

Hurry up and do this to me someone

Unicorn teacups!

 Dreamy mermaid room!

Lets go!

Do love me some pineapple. 

One day I will make it to the Island of bunnies!

Little Things...

  Cute nights in with best friends Wonderland Mondays (ALWAYS) Terribly bad movies that you send descriptive drawings of being good then eating chinese food being woken up by adorable 3 year olds friendaversaires the blogging community christmas anticpation (we are buying Christmas Jumpers - the exciement!) Pixie Spray tans Moulding our model into a super star! Good coffee GOOD people Finding happiness in your own skin

Your turn, little star-lover. Tell us what is making your galaxy bloom & explode with delight!


  1. Love the teacup and the secret Starbucks message! :)

    Tara x

  2. Love these gratituesday posts. The heart mouse and mermaid room are so pretty! x


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