How To Be Yourself And Love Yourself.

In this world it is super hard to be yourself and really mean it. It's even harder to love yourself, here are our tips on how to start right now! 

Stop All Criticism.

Criticism never changes a thing, accept yourself as you are. We all change in life, and when you criticise yourself constantly and find fault, those changes will most likely be negative. Be kind to yourself and your changes will be positive – it really is that simple.

Don't scare yourself.

Don't terrorising yourself with your thoughts, we all do it. You lie there late at night in bed unable to sleep and over think. Try and find a positive image to think of when you feel like this, overthinking and dwelling is literally just going to make everything ten times worse. 

Be Gentle And Kind To Yourself.

No really. If your body and mind are telling you to take a break and chill out then do just that. Be patient with yourself we all move at our own pace, push yourself as much as possible but know your limits. Be kind and try to continue to think kind thoughts about you, make it a habit of telling yourself how wonderful you really are. 

Be Kind To Your Mind.

If you think about it we only create self hatred by telling ourselves that what we think (or negatives other people have said are true) so try telling yourself the positives, even if it is one a day! Start small. 

Praise Yourself

Critcism just fuels negativity, so praise yourself. Like we said above tell yourself positive affirmations. Look in the mirror say 'I have great hair' or 'My skin looks great today' you might not believe it to begin with, but make it a habit!

Support Yourself

Sometimes we need help, and if you don't feel you can support yourself then you need to ask for support – this is supporting yourself! Asking for help to make you feel better is a sign of strength. 

Be Loving To Your Negatives.

If everyone was perfect then what a boring world we would live in. Allow yourself to embrace any negative factors don't dwell on them! We all have negative attributes both physical and emotional, don't let them define you.

Take Care Of Your Body.

Learn about nutirtion, learn about what your body needs and craves to give you optimum energy and vitality. When we eat well, and do exercise our minds are clearer and happier. Trust me, a month of healthy eating and exercise your mind will be in a much stronger place.

Do Mirror Work

Sit in front of the mirror daily (or at least once a week) tell yourself how wonderful you are, give yourself positive affirmations and tell yourself what your favourite things about you are, but don't just tell yourself the physcial triats, express what you think is great about you in careers, life, etc.

Do It Now.

Don't wait to start loving yourself. It's not when you lose the weight, or when you start that new job, or find the guy. Do it now! Even if you find it hard, persevere I promise you will be happier for it.


  1. Really great advice, I really need that sometimes, thank you!

  2. I definitely need to work on scaring myself less!

    Tara x

  3. These are actually sooo true and people nowadays tend to forget to keep these in mind :) lovely and relatable post!!


  4. Great tips. This is very inspirational. It's probably easier said than done though :-(


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