Macro Monday 123

Bank Holiday Monday here in Sunny (well rainy) UK! So if you're nursing a hangover, at work, or just having a lazy day then get your lols on with Macro Monday!

This is pretty much me drunk.

 What is actually wrong with some people?!

 Awesome kid is Awesome.

 What a cute man!

I want to be his friend.

Me and Pixie pretty much.



 You tube comments slay me.


Until next week comrades!


  1. Too funny! Thanks for the monday morning laughs :)

    Jennifer Ashley

  2. That dancing kid I am pretty sure is 1000x cooler than I will ever be! And the old man with the balloon on his suitcase so freaking adorable!

    Little Lady Little City

    1. haha I think he is cooler than me too!


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