Gratituesday 105 - on a Wednesday!

It's always better late than never to share what were are grateful for right? So it might be Wednesday, but hey here we go!

Hey little Kitty try to stay awake!

Shooting stars: Make a wish!

Why yes I shall just lay here. 

My favourite thing to do when procrastinating is to watch Most Popular girls in High School which is hilarious. Not seen it? Do it, like now! Here.

Gifs like this always make me laugh and smile. 

Grateful for Wonderland HQ's 80's Mascot.

I am obsessed with pottering cat it's all in Japanese so I have no idea what it says but look!

Gremlins has and will always be one of my favourite films.

Little Things

♥ Buying a bicycle, and going on spring rides! ♥  dessert for breakfast ♥ 'I cannot prounounce your name so I am just going to call you Chicken Tikka' ♥ Obsessing over UNIF clothing (we will be stocking soon!) ♥ Spending way too much time watching TERRIBLE films on Netflix and not regretting a thing  ♥ Cooking lunch and making an effort to eat well and right  ♥ Juice, Juice, Juice!  ♥ Hilarious text messaging conversations ♥ Firm Friendships ♥ Planning a care free, but productive summer ♥ SLOTHS ♥ 

 How about you, you little cuties?

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