Gratituesday 107

So here in the UK we have just had a four day weekend, which is lovely (well I worked it due to being a small business owner I don't get that luxury!) However it was lovely to spend time with family and friends also. So let's get going shall we, get our gratitude on!

This kitty feels how we feel after eating all the Easter chocolate!

Spent Sunday with my Dad driving in the Sunshine listening to Zepplin. It was glorious. 

This guy is so freaking excited - and it makes me heart sing!

REALLY want to go. 

I concur.

Love this feeling. 

Spring flowers, honestly they make my day! 

This edit! 

Chat Magazine - always makes me grateful for my own life!

Sleeping bunnies!

Little Things...

♥ SUNSHINE! Seriously been walking lots in it and it makes me SO happy ♥ Working and listening to Elton Johns Greatest hit (each one is great!) ♥ Drinking iced coffee and reading trashy magazines  ♥ PALM SPRINGS LOVE  ♥ Balloons covered in glitter in big bunches ♥ 'He will rue the day!!' ♥ Having my hair done and having a good old gossip in the process! ♥ Letting go ♥ Planning trips with beautiful friends ♥ Swings! ♥ Sugar highs ♥ Foreign Fashion Magazines ♥ Making daisy chains ♥ Making playlists for sunshine walks ♥ Planning outfits ♥ naming your dresses after friends ♥ prawn cocktails - so 70's so awesome ♥ things looking up! ♥ my friends - now, yesterday, and always. 

What about you cutie pie?


  1. That third gif...Hahaha! So cute!

    Tara x

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog love! That bunny!! xx

  3. Aw these photos are so cute, I love the flowers and bunny xx

    onacruz blog

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous! Also, I want to reach into the screen and give that bunny a hug!!!

    Jennifer Ashley


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