Gratituesday 104

Things have been crazy busy at which is fantastic but it has also meant me slacking on Gratituesday! But as it is really important to write about what makes me us happy I am going to make a conscious effort to keep it up now! So let's get a cracking....

Baby animals. Always

Covering dogs in kisses.

Vintage Wallpaper

Ferrets in a bath!

 Kitties and Icecream

These awesome old school photos of 90's early 00's popstars still around today!

This has been around a lot but it's so cute.

I am going to have a bible, it's going to be bling. 

Spice girls always.

My procrastination station.

Grateful for so many quotes from this!

Unplugging and falling into fashion books.

Can't they be real?

More vintage wall paper! (new obsession...)

Little Things...

♥ Happy customers ♥  Getting a lot of press within our first six week on ♥ Spending time with my friends and laughing A LOT ♥ Getting up early and not wasting the day ♥ old school rnb ♥ daffodils everywhere ♥ coach trip ♥ big mugs of coffee ♥ Clocks going forward!!! ♥ children talking in foreign languages (SO CUTE!) ♥ eating well ♥ walking the dogs Mama bear ♥ Jones the cat always ♥ pretty dresses ♥ 3 hour phone calls ♥ having your hair done!

How about you?

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