I've gotten quite a few questions from people asking about their own personal style over the years, how to fully unlock it, well have no fear, Stephie is here! For me personally, my personal style is ever-changing, as it should be because obviously you can't dress the same way you did when you were 5 if you're now 23!

1. Go through your closet. This is starting block 1 for anything regarding style and your own personal style. So grab three bins to get to work! In one bin, throw in the items you haven't worn in over a year and know you won’t wear, donate those items to a local thrift store of your choosing or sell them off. In the second bin, look for items that you’re not too sure you want to give away, but you’re not sure you’ll wear either. Put those aside and later on, see if you can modify them in any way! Revamping an old item is the perfect way to bud into your unique personal style! Stumped? Head over to the interwebs for ideas, but don't copy them directly! And lastly, have a bin for the items you’re going to keep.

Go through your parent’s current or old wardrobes. Your parents may have a box or few in storage or in the basement/attic, and those are treasure troves waiting to be opened! You can even go through their current wardrobes, and just don’t stick to the parent’s wardrobe of the same sex as you. My dad played drums in a band and was/is a huge rock and metal head in his youth, so I get first dibs on all his vintage tour tees, which make the perfect distressed t-shirt dresses! Ask around with your relatives too!

Thrift happens. Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to shop, not only because they're cheap and I'm on a pretty minimum wage budget, but because they house vintage and unique finds! And don’t just stick to the women’s or men’s sections! Hit both, and if you’re like me and can still fit kid’s sizes, go there too! Don’t let small tears and rips discourage you though, those can be easily fixed by yourself, mother, grandmother, aunt or local tailor!

Don’t just stick to your size while shopping! I know, if you were like me when I was younger, wearing a size L top when you’re an XS can be a puzzling feeling. But seriously, being able to have a unique sense of personal style is all about how you style said item. So what if fifteen other girls that day have the same top or bottom you have, as long as you’re styling if your way, it doesn't matter! When I go shopping myself, I don’t look for size all that much, I look for fit. Always try on items you’re not sure about too, it’s less of a hassle to try it on an have it not fit, then to get excited about it, take it home, and it turns out it doesn't fit!

Get inspired. Scope out things like Fashion Weeks, Google Searches, Polyvore, Pinterest and street-style blogs/your own streets. Print out the picture if you want, or save them to your phone. But out your own twist on it! You like studded denim jackets? Cool. Bleach it, splatter paint it, distress it, add patches and sewing, just make it YOU.

6. Find what does and doesn't work for you. I'm talking in both body-wise and just overall personal opinion-wise. Know what works your body type, and what doesn't if you want to look up-to-trend and comfy as well, and what doesn't work. Know what you like and don't like. Like myself, I don't like heels, at all. I will wear wedges and clogs all day long, but I avoid heels at all cost, I also don't really like boyfriend cut jeans or floral crowns. Go out one day and pick three to five items that you normally wouldn't wear and take them into the fitting room with you, you never know, you may find something you've always thought would never look good on you, but lo and behold they do!

Someone doesn't like it? SCREW THEM. Confidence is key, key, key. Without it you’ll be giving a crap what others think of you while you’re parading around. They’re random people, they won’t matter in your life in the next hour, so why let it bother you with the comments or looks they make??. If I let that get to me, I would have stopped strutting around in my platforms shoes, leather pants and spiked leather jackets a long time ago before my personal style shifted yet again. But I didn't, and neither should you.

Just remember that only you can rock your personal, unique, style. No one else can do if like you. So do your thang girls and boys, and keep your head up and your fabulous ass looking fabulous!

And I am sooo sorry I wasn't around the past two Fridays, for some reason my scheduled post didn't actually post (thanks very much Blogger), but I'm back! No worries. By the time you read this though I'll probably be releasing my inner rock goddess at Carolina Rebellion!

Love & Light,

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