So I'm finally all moved in! Just a few more boxes left in my room, and now I can get back to blogging!

This week I'll be showing some lovin' to Wonderland Clothing and Em by featuring my favorite items from the shop!

( starting from left to right! )

ROMPER |this 'Dark Weekend' playsuit is divine, it's a dark floral scheme, my favorite! The ruffles are so cute and the sleeves are sheer so when it heats up a little you can still wear it without sweating enough to fill a kiddie pool! It was a pre-order item but full deets should be up on the webshop now!

TASSEL SUNNIES  |these tasseled sunglasses remind of "I Dream of Jeannie" so much it's not even funny! These would look so cute when wearing with the perfectly messy bun to show off the tassels! They're under the name "Pink Round Sunglasses with Tassels" on the site, and they're at a great price, so go check them out babes!

SKULLIE PHONE  |"OH MY GOD!" was my first reaction, I love this phone. I mean forget Juno's hamburger phone, why wouldn't you want this? "Oh my phone's ringing, let me deface my skull here", and I doubt you have to shake it to get it to work better too! (I still love you June-Bug though, and your phone)

SLIP DRESS  |actually called the 'Alexis Dress', this dress is not only great for the Spring to pair with a kimono ot cardigan, but in the summer to wear by itself! In love with this dress so much, it's so dainty and ethereal!

ANNIE DRESS  |this dress really reminds me of a Bohemian version of Annie's dress in the play. Just, I don't know, this little number makes me happy just looking at it and I hope to add it to my collection of white clothing soon ( does anyone else have way too many articles of clothing in one color? )! It's also aptly listed under the "Festival Dresses" section, and it's perfect for that!

PROM DRESS  |the Shelby Dress really really makes me wish Wonderland had been around my senior year prom. I unfortunately opted last minute for a dress a friend didn't want, it was too long, too big and now that I look at it, pretty ugly. I couldn't dance in it or anything. BUT if I had had this dress, not only would I have been the best dressed at prom ( where I live, prom dresses consist of four things: gaudy animal print, cut-outs at would and should concern any parent, feathers, and camo -yes, camo- ), and I would have been able to shake my half-Latina arse like it was no one's business! AND, this dress doesn't cost an arm and a leg, it cost a fraction of what most prom dresses are!!

LE BIKINI  |the sun is out, the temperatures are rising, and a towel in the backyard with some sunscreen is calling my name! I love this bikini because it's not a too crazy or cheap looking animal print like I know we've all seen at least once in our lifetime. So why not unleash your wild side while prancing around showing off you tanned bod?

Which items from the shop are your favorites?!? Let us know below! *points to the comment box*

Love & Light,

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