Macro Monday 108

Lets get going shall we? it's time to shake the Monday blues with some lols!

Yes, Iphone they are clearly the same word.

How rich people play cards.

There is your friend, running along - and then here comes me.

So happy to be held.

I clearly need to.

It's her face, it's his face - it's everything!

The bunny is so happy. 

We have all done it right?

Cats, forever, now and always. 

A question I ask myself daily.

Have a good one guys!


  1. Haha this post makes me smile! The iphone autocorrect is so weird, I'm not english but sometimes it makes the strangest words out of ordinary words!!

    1. It must be even worse if it's not your first language - like doesn't really help!

  2. Hey, amazing blog!)


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