Why We are Mostly Disney Villans Not Princesses.

Do people fall in love with you wherever you go? Because if you were a Disney princess you can be sure as sure can be that wandering through your provincial town at least three marriage proposals are coming your way on your morning commute. This isn't to say that men don't fall in love with you, but your relationships come from hard work and and showing that you're fantastic. 

Lets be fair, those girls that get the uncontrollable giggles at the drop of a hat? (Literally) well that's not really you. It's more likely that you are having the uncontrollable giggles when something inconvenient happens to the beautiful people. You don't laugh at slapstick, your humour is dark. Like you. 

These Disney princesses also have the whole fairy tale kingdom at their mercy. They have everyone doing everything for them, when they want. They shake that long unrealistic hair, and bam they get the Prince, the Kingdom and the Job. You on the other hand have to actually work hard, and play it a little shady to stay ahead to get to the top of Pride Rock. 

You're not insanely good looking. Don't get me wrong, you're all right. You might have some high cheekbones, big eyes but you're not Princess hot. However this doesn't stop you, you are more than alright and have a kick ass personality/spirit and so on. 

Like a normal person you can hold a grudge. You don't forgive the person who tried to kill you by having a dinner party, or become best friends with the person who stole or is trying to steal your boyfriend. You have limits, and anger, and like revenge. 

Mostly likely point? you're a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man to come and save her! Yea you might go on the odd date, make out online you're a little hotter than you are, but are never expecting or wanting a man to give you the happy ending you deserve. Your victory in life will be hard won and deserved from the hours you put in. Having a delicious man treat on your arm is an added extra, but it is by no means the main part of your story, and that is why being the Disney villain is much better than the princess.


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