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I'm so excited, today it was 80 lovely, beautiful degrees, I was actually able to go tanning for a bit the other day! The only back draw is that this weather makes me so homesick ( I'm originally from around the Los Angeles area )!! But Spring calls for one thing: the perfect dress ( or frock if you love across The Pond ).

You love lace, you love it when your dresses are super girly and flow like a quint river: well here you go loves! These are some of my favorites, I love flowing dresses and the neutral color pallete that can be dresses up and dressed down so easily! Another great place to find dresses like this are thrift and vintage stores!

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking, we know. But so appropriate! Floral dresses come in all shapes, lengths and sizes, which makes them so great, and they're perfect for all body types! Use a loud pattern to help create curves, and a more subtle pattern on a dark base color to deminish curves or hide a big bust. With these dresses you're more likely to find some vintage-inspired cuts for you Retro and Rockabilly babes!

Patterns are always fun, whether it's small little hearts of something completely off the wall like the Snoopy dress above! And again these are dresses that can help you out, conceal and create. When wearing these, let the dress speak for itself, that means keeping your shoes simple and accessories and bag as well! These are like the statement necklaces of dresses for you!

For the daring! These frocks are all about showing some skin, no matter how sun-less it may be right now ( thank you naturally tanned skin tone~ ), but you can always use some self tanner, just don't turn orange haha. Whether you're wanting to show some stomach or cleavage, you should pick up one of these. With the party scene revitalizing itself on the warmer weather, you won't have any problem finding a cut-out online or in-store!

I apologize for any rushed vibes you get from this loves, I'm in the midst of moving ( on yay ), and also working 20+ hours a week, I haven't even had time to update my own blog haha. But I will be back I. full swing next week, so stay tuned!

But in the mean time, what are you favorite frocks from above? Do you have a dress that you absolutely love? Mine is a recent purchase, a white hi-low with lovely and delicate embroidery! It's so cute and I can't wait to wear it with my vintage clogs I also recently got!

Love & Light!

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